Modeling Techniques

Basics of low poly

Head modeling

Low poly character modeling

Character modeling videos

The classic Joan Of Arc tutorial:

Building realistic heads

Building a head with proper loops

Making Of Varga by Paul Tosca

Making Of Dominance War IV: Bishop

Street cop workflow by Mashru Mishu

Making of Paragalis

Hard surface modeling by Grant Warwick

"Texturing Metal" by that famous asshole Johny!

Some theories about edge loops tips for modeling:

Normal mapping workflow for Max 7+:

Subdivision Modeling ressources:

Jedi Academy Tutorials

Complete guide to character compiling:
JK2 / JK3 guide

Skin wrapping a character NEW
Skin wrap

Weighting aka rigging a character for JK2/JK3:
3D Max skin modifier

Paul Greveson's skin modifier tutorial NEW
Video Skinning Tutorial

Tim "Spacemonkey" Appleby's tutorial:
Guide to getting a model into JediKnight 2

Creating LODs for JK2 models:

Jedi Knight Academy FAQ:

Carcass compiler troubleshooting:
Carcass error guide

Getting a vehicle into Jedi Knight 3:
Vehicle compiling by Duncan

Converting multi player characters for single player :
Replacing Jaden Korr in Jedi Academy

Tools & Plugins

Jedi Academy skeleton for Max 5:

Weighted characterNEW
Skin Wrap SDK

GLM Importer for Max 4? & 5:

GLM Importer for Max 6:

GLM Importer for Max 7+:

MD3 Import & Export Max 5:

MD3 Exporter Max 6:

XSI importer for Max 5:

XSI Exporter for Max 6:

Hierarchy Auto-linker: